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    ITC deserves to be King Size!

    The recent farm bills have potential to change the complete landscape of agriculture in India. And ITC, is easily the most trusted corporate, pretty much throughout the country, as far as farmers are concerned. They have invested consistently in the Agri-economy and have supported the farming...
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    Has ITC started the upward trend

    Was 330 a near-term support level, and will we see again levels of 350 odd?
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    Historical tick data for ITC

    Hi, does anyone know how/where i can get 1 min tick data for ITC for maybe the past 12 months or more? Thanks in advance!
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    Trend of Stocks

    Hi,i bought some shares in Karur Vysya Bank, IDFC and ITC..i want to know how long i should hold to book some good returns or accumulate( for better returns in a long term) or sell or re-enter ? KVB @ 315.50 IDFC @ 103 ITC @ 359 My key factors : holding KVB Shares till September can...