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    Need clarification on Fixed Fractional Money Management

    Hi All, I am in the process of learning few aspects before put my money for trading in stock market. From various sources I went through some technical analysis and money management. In money management I am little confused with Fixed Fractional Trading. Lets assume that I am risking is 3%...
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    Renewable energy investment

    Along with a Joint Venturer we are in search of $250mm USD to complete our windfarm. we have space for 300 units and currently not at that mark. $250mm USD from the investor will be held in a HSBC account for 13 months after 90 days the investor recieves 8-14% interest from an SBLC and all...
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    Good Teacher

    In stock market, you should always be a learner. On every now & then, you will learn something. You duty is to analyze them to be a good student of the stock market. Then who is your teacher. Obviously, this Market itself. Of course, on the way, some good helping hand will add values in...