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    Zerodha for Trading Vs ShareKhan?

    I am thinking to invest in Share market now, Is Zerodha good or Sharekhaan for the investment in Share Market.
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    What is the best robo advisory service in India?

    I have read about robo advisors' AUM growing rapidly in the US. Are there any robo advisors in India? If yes which are the best ones? Benefits I have heard are: - Low fees - Proper index selection based on mean variance optimization - Diversified basket means lower risk - Tax optimized...
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    Providing Portfolio Management Services (Non-Registered)

    Hi Friends, I want to provide PMS to investors with a minimum investment of 5 lacs. The problem is that to get SEBI registration it is way too expensive. Is it wise to follow the exact same guidelines and do it on a smaller scale without registration with SEBI? Using a medium to long term...