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    Finvise - Looking for early users! (

    Hey everyone, We are building an app based platform (, where you can connect to a financial advisor and ask him any wealth related questions. The whole idea of the platform is to help you avail high quality financial advise without any hassle and affordable cost. We have just...
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    Sell or hold shares & investment options.

    I own two very good company shares whose market value is close to 1 crore now. The face value of these shares is Re. 1/- only. I have held these shares for about 30 or more years. I got combined dividend income of 1.2 lakhs for last the financial year. Should I hold the shares or sell them at...
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    SIP vs LumpSum which one and why??

    Hi, Suppose I am planning to invest in ELSS plans and i already have the money which i need to invest. So should i go for SIP or Lump sum? I have heard people talking and suggesting about the lump sum? But i have few questions. SIP would be great option if you don't have the funds...
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    brokerage firms??

    How do brokerage firms work?and which is the best in INDIA
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    Investing in stock market!

    What precautions must one take before investing in the stock markets?
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    Brokerage Calculator

    Is there any calculator to calculate brokerage ??
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    Bank Deposit vs Investment

    Which of these two options of investment is better-Bank deposit or Investment?
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    Safest of Safe Trade !!

    Hi, Which is the safest trading strategy, giving micro returns daily or monthly. Not being too risky. Any expert tips and suggestion would be very help full. Thanks, Rahul
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    Request: SIP Strategy Suggestions

    Hi, I'm looking to invest through SIP route in Mutual Funds with a 15-20 year horizon. Requesting from fellow forum members who have invested in SIP for at least 10 years. Kindly enlighten me on the following. 1. Could you share details of the MF scheme you invested and gains made...
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    SBI emerging business fund

    Is this a good fund to invest? I see the trend and it has lost quite a lot of NAV. Other funds in my portfolio are below. Your suggestions are welcome. Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus(D) Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund(G) Birla SL MIP II-Savings 5(G) SBI Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(D) SBI...
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    Interview with traders and managers

    Hi everyone I found this Wall street warriors series on facebook. I think it might be good for beginners who want to learn about life of traders. :thumb: P.s anybody trade indian shares? :thumb: