intraday trade

  1. P

    Crude oil trading using GANN square

    I will update Crude oil trading based on GANN square of 9 strategy daily. Please update your suggestions and feedback if any.
  2. M

    Lost 90% of my Capital in Intraday Trading - How do i Rebuild?

    Hi All, I am new to Intraday trading (Online Trading with margins) . I started with a capital of Rs 50,000 /- and with in a week, i have lost Rs 45,000 /- . I have been trading in MCX - Commodities - F&O . I do not wish to quit trading, but intend to rebuild with my left over capital of Rs...
  3. S


    Hi everyone, :) I am SanjuSarita, joing all yiu noce people now. I am in the market since about 5 years. I invest in a short-mid term horizon I also look in to intraday opportunities, I keep a portion of my funds reserved for this. Yes I like making money in the market ,as you all...
  4. J

    New to equity trading

    Hi everybody, I am proud of seeing the true discussion in Tradeji, i hope i will get all the help from all of our friends. I am interested to start the intraday, any suggestions? any help & advice? I appreciate your early answer Tks a ton:clap:
  5. sub2501

    INtraday Trade

    PUNJLLOYD Sell below198/- tgt. 193.5- sl 200.70