intraday call

  1. J

    How much profit one can make in Intraday

    I am new to intraday trading. Just wanted to know is there any upperlimit on profit in intraday in a given financial year. I mean is there any upper cap for gross profit.
  2. T

    Intraday Tips

    Hi all here i will be posting intraday tips. dont trade just watch my calls for two days will be posting everyday morning. Thanks & Regards Tony
  3. panneer4

    Buy sci future at 53.60

    BUY SCI FUTURE AT 53.60, TARGET1: 53.20, TARGET2: 52.80, STOPLOSS: 54.25. :thumb:
  4. Srikanth.Haritsya

    GODREJCP Just hit it's low of the day

    Hello Folks, "GODREJ Consumer Products" - Quoted -"GODREJCP" just hit it's day's low. Buy @ 441; Sell @ 446 Upside @ 5, perfect for a margin buy. :clapping: Good Luck