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    I have an interesting options trading strategy.

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I've been working on a strategy for more than a year and finally it has become live. I would like to connect with like minded traders with an intention to collaborate.
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    How to filter stocks for intraday from End of day data

    Hi, How to select stocks for intraday from End of day data. Please let me know if anyone is doing that? Regards, Paresh
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    As a beginner what should I do to start intra day trading or swing trading ?

    To be frank I am noob in this field [ Really a big noob, who knows nothing :( ] But before proceeding any further let me introduce myself :) I'm Souvik, a 20 yrs old from Kolkata. As of now I do nothing but play games, watch movies on my PC. So, I was thinking if I could be a trader, but most...
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    Hi i am nifty trader :). WANT TO SHARE NIFTY TRADING IDEAS .
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    When I am buying a share during intra-day trading

    Hello friends, This is my first post. Happy to see you all here. I didn't traded till now. Applied for an SBI demat account few days back. My question is: Suppose that I want to buy a share of (say HS India Ltd) at 10.15 AM. In the rediff link shown HS India Ltd) the Last traded...