intra day data

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    Download free one minute intra day indian stock dataset.

    I have got link to this zip file of indian stock market intraday dataset of one minute duration. I am not sure about the accuracy of the data but for simulation purpose I believe this is more than enough. For liquidation (see what I did there :)) I will also advice you to upload the zip file to...
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    Need intraday data for backtesting?

    Can some one share five or six scripts of intraday data(1min) for backtesting (CSV format preferable). I am currently carrying out some backtesting and I require intraday data. I need for scripts in indexes and companies. Any help will be appreciated :)
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    EOD chart or live streaming charts

    Hello All, I am new to trading and want to explore the technical side of trading. Could you please assist me with my confusion on chart selection. I currently downloaded the chart nexus free version and it shows me EOD charts until previous day with support & resistance on just two stocks...
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    Historical Intra Day Data

    Hi I want to backtest various trading systems on Intra-Day data and hence I'm looking for Historical Intra-Day Data (1-minute compression) for 1. Nifty Futures and Bank Nifty Futures 2. Around 10 Nifty Equity Scrips Ideally, I want data from around two years ago till date. (Basically...