india infoline

  1. pannet1

    India Infoline ( Diet Odin Login Problem

    Hello, I am unable to login into odin. I am getting the below error. ERROR getting the BINARY versions. Have anybody encountered similar problems in other ODINs. Also how to contact India Infoline customer service. Please help.
  2. S

    India infoline and metatrader

    Hi seniors, I have an account with India Infoline. Can I trade on Metatrader with my IIFL account? Anybody knows please tell me.
  3. S

    India Infoline - Experiences

    Does anyone have any previous experience of dealing with India Infoline. How is their platform and service ?
  4. A

    SBICapsec - Very disappointing service.

    Hi, I have an savings account with SBI bank. And when i decided I wanted to invest in shares, I approached my SBI branch to open a demat + trading account. I was told by the bank personal that I will be able to open one in two weeks time. And I did all the paper work. However, It took...