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    How are Index Options like Nifty settled in India from sellers perspective?

    If I sell a 17400 NIFTY PE at Rs.40 and collect 2000 premium and it expires at strike price of 17300 then as a seller, how much do I have pay as my option expired in the money? And what if it expires out of the money? (In the above example instead of 17300 it expires at stirke price of 17500)
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    What is the difference between Index funds and ETFS in india?

    An Index Fund is a mutual fund that tracks the performance of an underlying index like SENSEX, NIFTY 50, etc. The fund manager tries to replicate the returns offered by the index without straying away too much. On the other hand, an Exchange Traded Fund or ETF is also a mutual fund that tracks...
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    What is the best robo advisory service in India?

    I have read about robo advisors' AUM growing rapidly in the US. Are there any robo advisors in India? If yes which are the best ones? Benefits I have heard are: - Low fees - Proper index selection based on mean variance optimization - Diversified basket means lower risk - Tax optimized...
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    Ask ETFs and Indexing queries here

    Hey guys, If you have any query related to ETFs (exchange traded funds) and Indexing which you want to ask, you can ask right here and i will surely get back to you in the fastest way possible I am really excited about spreading the knowledge which i have gathered on ETFs and Indexing. So...
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    Exchange Traded Funds or Mutual Funds?

    Which one should you rather go for? Give reasons for the same Adding poll too