implied volatility

  1. P

    Intraday implied volatility chart or data feed

    Hi, Any website or broker offers Intraday implied volatility chart or data feed? Any codes to fetch the IV? Regards, P
  2. P

    Anyone provide real time implied volatility feed for options

    Hi, Any website or broker provides Implied volatility along with options feed in real time? Regards, P
  3. P

    derive IV for options

    Hi, Is there any AFL which can reverse engineer option price with help of black scholes model and provide Implied Volatility. Regards, Paresh
  4. C

    How do I interpret this following data about this CE option

    11100 CE - expiry - 26 July 2018 Bought at 48 Rs. premium - current premium is 49 Rs. Implied volatility - 10.0511% Delta - 0.2410 Gamma - 0.0010 Theta - (minus 2.1020) Vega - 10.9240 Rho - 2.7090 How do I interpret this ?
  5. Rusty_Banks

    Historical Options Chain, greeks and IV

    Hi, I am not a coder but I do know how to code in bits and pieces to make my quick & dirty application for any task that I am trying to automate. In 2016 I started reading about derivatives and wanted to trade options. As options are non linear instruments I see that many things go into...
  6. R

    Is implied volatility of a stock is the iv on at the money strike prices

    Hello When someone mentions the implied volatility of a stock, is it the implied volatility of the stock on at the money strike prices? And if it is, is it for the call or put I'm asking this because the implied volatility is different at different strike prices. So it is not clear which strike...
  7. D

    Implied Volatility

    Hi! where to find Implied Volatility?
  8. A


    Hi all, It had been such a long time that I have visited this and posted here. And I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Traderji for restoring the original layout of the landing page. It used to be extremely confusing{one of the reasons, I couldnot make out where should I...