ieod data

  1. A

    Request Suggestion of best free IEOD downloader

    Hi, I am seeking opinions on the best software which can download 1-minute interval data from NSE and is free. The purpose is I want to download minute-by-minute data and feed it to amibroker so that I can look at minute charts at the end of day. Please suggest the best downloader which...
  2. NJ23

    Historical 1 minute data request

    Hello I'm looking for 1 minute TF intraday data (the larger the history, the better). CSV/Text file/AmiBroker any format would do. Instruments: Currency Futures(NSE/MCX) Metals and Energy(MCX) Indices and Futures(NSE) If anyone has this data can you please share? Thanks in advance.
  3. P

    Zerodha Realtime Data against NSE TAME

    Hello Seniors, I have started with Zerodha's NESTPlus trading platform, but have found out the realtime 1min or 5min data of Zerodha charting does not match exactly with NSE TAME (this should be most authentic I suppose). Could you kindly suggest me how have you been trading with...
  4. N

    Nifty & Bank Nifty IEOD Data

    Pl follow the links below for extensive IEOD Data for Nifty and Bank Nifty. I have received this data in the past from members on this as well as other forums and I thank them once again. Doing my bit now so that others can take advantage of this as well. www dot 4shared dot...
  5. internet_fanbboy


    If anybody has it kindly share, I require it urgently to proceed with back-testing. I found this good resource for NSE & MCX intraday data. So i have data from 2010. Now need data for 2011 & 2012 Also, I would be more than...
  6. D

    Eod & Ieod data downloader

    hi , i just developing a utility to download eod and ieod data from free sources. features: 1) Downloads NSE EQ & index EOD files from and store them in 2 folders as nse eq and nse index 2)Downloads NSE FUT & OPTIONS EOD filesfrom and stores them in 5...