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    Suggest Broker between ICICI, Kotak and HDFC

    I have an account with Sharekhan, but due to restrictions at my workplace, I cannot have an account with Sharekhan. Kotak, HDFC and ICICI are the only 3 authorized brokers in which I can have account. Our policy also restricts my spouse from having an account with brokers other than above 3...
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    Best Online broker for NRI

    As a resident I had an ICICIDirect trading account and was very happy with the website, although the brokerage is very high compared to others. Since my change of status to NRI I am looking for a good online broker. The effective brokerage for Delivery including taxes & other charges for...
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    Banks knee jerk reaction to SB rate deregulation

    In a couple of days, analysts will come out with their detailed analysis of today's RBI announcement, and then, the reaction will be that SB rate deregulation is not as bad a factor as it is made out to be. - Firstly, out of the CASA ratio, on average, Current Accounts account for over 40% of...
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    As ADAG group unravels, what next....

    The intense scrutiny around the 2G scam has hurt Anil Ambani the most. As soon as the CEO of Swan Telecom was arrested, it was obvious that Anil Ambani could be in trouble soon after, especially because everyone knows Swan Telecom is just a proxy for Reliance Communications. This has played...
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    Cheapest DP to use with Zerodha

    I am a newcomer. I am about to open my first trading account with Zerodha. However, their DP (IL&FS) seems to be a bit expensive (flat Rs 15) as my volumes will be low for the next few months. NSDL charges are probably not included in the Rs 15 (have to get it clarified). My bank, ICICI...
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    Hi everyone

    This is Binin from Bangalore. Am with ICICI now as an Asst. Manager. Interested in trading.
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    Kotak Preferred Vs Metlife Suraksha Plus Vs ICICI Pure Protect

    I am planning to take term insurance policy, I am 34 yrs old, occasional smoker. I selected Kotak Preferred plan, MetLife Suraksha plus, ICICI pure Protect where all the three have less premiums compared to other companies. I want to choose one for 25 lacs. Experts please...
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    TradeRacer from ICICI ?

    anyone having any idea about TradeRacer acount from ICICIdirect ?? http://www.icici-direct.co.in/traderacer/ saw a google ad about this while playing moneybhai game :lol: Edit:
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    ICICI Prulife Retirement plan - How to monitor/manage to maximise benefit?

    Hi All, I have taken an ICICI Prulife retirement plan and am paying the premium for the past 4 years. The agent suggested a 40,30,20 ratio between growth, debt and balanced. For the past 4 years, I just look at the ups and downs the investment has gone through and do nothing. Am I doing...
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    Trend and Trading Calls

    Trend for Monday - down Trades - 1. sell nifty at open tgt 2730 2. Sell at open - Mar Calls of DLF 170 and ICICI 320, buy back at half rate 3. Buy puts at open - JPA 80, nifty 2800