1. M

    Ichimoku Diary

    Hi friends , After serious deliberation, i will be posting ichimoku charts on possible trades and ideas. Hope this is fruitful to everyone.
  2. trade4putuval

    Diary of a 315 Trader

    I have been a follower of 315 strategy theoretically, but practically I have been a failure with this strategy since i did not respect the rules of the strategy. I have created this post to keep myself updated on how I am trading with respect to 315 strategy. I am planning to use the...
  3. A

    Seeking Ichimoku Cloud information

    Hello! I am seeking information on trading with the Ichimoku Cloud. If you are able, please direct me to threads that would inform me on use of this tool. Thank you.
  4. A

    Learning and Implementing Ichimoku in Forex

    Hello everyone out there.. I am opening this new thread with an aim to learn, share and implement Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading on Forex markets. I have been following the studies of this system for quite some time now and I believe it is a good technique that can be implemented in Forex...