ichimoku cloud

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    Regarding paid softwares for technical analysis

    Are there paid softwares that can tell me which shares will go up by 10% in the next month based on "Ichimoku cloud with volume" trend? If yes, could you name some and tell me how to procure these softwares?
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    ichimoku cloud

    Hi, Current Candle Close > Close of 10 (Intraday) Previous Candles and Current candle close should be above cloud and chikou also above the cloud. (Ichimoku reference) When click on explore it should give me a list of script in a tabular form stating different timeframe for all intraday script.
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    Dave's Unique Ichimoku-Renko Approach

    I will be posting some charts showing the use of Renko Bars and Ichimoku along with Fibonacci. I will be happy to share the knowledge I have acquired and perhaps someone else with benefit from using this chart setup. On this chart you will see a bearish butterfly on the renko chart for GBPJPY...
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    Seeking Ichimoku Cloud information

    Hello! I am seeking information on trading with the Ichimoku Cloud. If you are able, please direct me to threads that would inform me on use of this tool. Thank you.
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    Fcharts + Ichimoku Clould

    Hi Gurus, I have been using Fcharts pro for quite a long time, and I have amibroker too. But Fcharts impressed me with its GUI and simplicity even though amibroker is way ahead of its functionalities. Hence I would like to stick with Fcharts, but I find it dificult to derive Ichimoku cloud...