1. Shivam DUbey

    Fund managers holdings

    How can we get to know or where do we get the information regarding how much the fund managers hold in the mutual fund they manage?
  2. S

    I'm unable to sell intraday stock.

    Hi, I bought 1000 stocks of XYZ @ Rs. 17 Intraday at 12:30 AM. At 3:00 PM I see that the price has gone down to Rs. 15, so I think I'd rather wait for it to go high and pay the Delivery brokerage anyway. When I am trying to sell them next day my order is getting rejected with reason "Check...
  3. D

    Manning & Napier

  4. R

    minimum holding period for bonus n splits

    hi all i wanna know if there is ne minimum specific time period that we have to stay invested in order to take advantage of all the splits n bonus in a particular share is or is it like even if we hav purchased the share few days back n if there is ne split or bonus in that share, we will get...