1. R

    High/Low of the bar previous to the signal bar

    Really appreciate if someone can show how to refer high/low of the bar previous to signal bar - with no applystop function. This can help in calculating position size automatically through afl and could display on screen. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. L

    Tracking specific candles' High & Low values

    Greetings to all. Following code needs a small modification (for the below specified conditions): Also refer image for reference. Show = ParamToggle( "style", "Bar|Candle", 1 ); if ( Show ) { Sy=styleCandle; } else { Sy=styleBar; } color=ParamColor("Color",colorTan); xshift=Param("Shift...
  3. A

    AFL Exploration: Previous Day High Low Breakout

    Hi Members, Below is the AFL plotting lines on previous day High Low values. I am trying to create an Exploration, scanning all the stocks that close above previous day high and below previous days low. Please help. Thanks all. //*********************************************...
  4. Nehal_s143

    Daily Levels afl

    Hi I have afl which shows previous day open, high, lows, close, support, resistance & mid point level I want to add following Plot Sell when previous low is broken and stop plotting previous low line Plot Buy when previous high is broken and stop plotting previous high line...