hi all

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    Training for Shares, Stock, Commodity Trading

    Hi All, I wish to invest in Stock, Shares or do Commodity trading. I need to know if their are any Good Training centers in Bangalore who can help by charging very minimal fees. I have an amount of Rs.25K (This will be used for training and investment). Please help me in understanding and...
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    hi all

    I am a short term trade having experience of nearly 7 yrs in stock market looking for good fundamental of stocks regards abhishek
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    Hello buddy investors!

    Hi all... I am Shruti and I have just started investing. It has only been few days since I opened my Demat account and started trading. I've started with secondary markets and have interest in F&O, but I'm still in learning phase. Generally I listen to what my broker has to say and search...
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    hi all new to traderji.com

    hi i am amit phatak. my trading experience 6 years no.of investing years same 6 years yes i am interested in all products financial markets.but dont have enough knowledge/awareness more than our stock market. i make trading decisions by strictly news and technically basis. actually i...
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    Hello to All who wins and losses

    :clap: i am coming