help needed

  1. R

    Need help with AFL for Exploration - Urgent

    Hello Everyone, I am new to coding and I have been struggling with a very basic requirement of mine. I need the AFL code for an exploration that will read "Bull" when the +DI crosses the -DI and ADX (range 14) is going above 25. Similarly to read "Bear" when the -DI crosses the +DI and ADX...
  2. S

    Help With Indian Shares

    hello, does any one have good knowledge on indain shares and companies. I want to learn about which companies are doing well and what patterns and trends they follow. Please help Thank you :)
  3. A

    AFL changes -- please help

    Hi Seniors, Please help me make changes to the below afl. I am looking for (image attached): 1. The latest pivots encircled in Yellow color plot as hard lines. 2. The previous to latest encircled in Green color plotted as dashed lines. Please help. To my understanding these pivots...
  4. _Phantom_

    Need Help with STOPLOSS order types.

    Hi all, According to my system requirement, SL should be strictly executed at Fixed price. So here's an example to help understand my query about SL order type in much detail. Suppose I am LONG in GOLM @ 29390 and i want my SL(sell order) at 29366. So to implement this: Scenario 1...
  5. T

    Meta Stock/Options Trading - Help Required

    Hello Everyone, Apologies if this has been answered before, I went through a few threads and didn't find the answer that I was looking for. I have a few questions regarding Meta Stock. I was able to get my hands on Meta Stock Version 11 and I am not able to figure out how to get the data...
  6. D

    Amibroker problem: Scan/Exploration signals are inconsistent with Chart/Indicator

    There are times that the signals produced by Scan/Exploration are inconsistent with what is plotted in the Chart/Indicator. This does not happen on all dates, just occurring sometimes so it is not easy to spot. Anyone have experienced this on one of their AFLs?
  7. T

    AFL writing help

    Dear Seniors I would like to write an AFL for exploration which will select Ticker x if RSI(14) cross level 40 [buy] and if RSI(10) cross level 70[sell] Moreover, Ticker y if RSI(16) cross level 55 [buy] and if RSI(5) cross level 85[sell] and so on .... Please help Thanks
  8. N

    how to use for loops (?)

    Hi all ! I'm new here and I'm new in Amibroker. I'm looking help for write a code for back test for rules: 1. buy when MACD cross Signal , and.... 2. the same conditions like in 1. but occured max 10 days befor 1. I'm thinking the best way is to use for loop but how to write it in AFL...
  9. thelifecoder

    Help : Hexaware, YES Bank, HCL Info, JP assoc, Pantaloon

    I am holding 1550 shares of HEXAWARE @ 64 (Now 122) 350 shares of YES Bank @ 285 (Now 375) 1250 shares of HCL Infosystems @ 40 (Now 46) 700 shares of JP Associates @ 68 (Now 85) 270 shares of Pantaloon Retail @185 (Now 170) Shall i book profits(and loss) before their Q4 results? What is...
  10. P

    introduction, intraday

    hello everyone, i am a novice in the field of trading and i m focusing on daytrading. though i am a student of cfa, still i am incurring big losses for last week. please help me as many of you r quite experience traders. so tell me how should i trade in intraday and make profits. thanx
  11. R

    Formula ...

    Can anyone help me to understand the the below formula in the simple form. cannot figure out what the formula is calculating and in what sequence. please if anyone can explain . Formula : State:=If(Cum(1)=1,0,If(EL,1,If(ES,-1,If((CL AND PREV=1) OR (CS AND PREV=-1),0,PREV)))); State=1...
  12. N

    Beginner's TA Queries

    Dear Seniors and Fellow Members, I request you to kindly spare a few minutes on two of my basic queries in Entrey and Exit Startegies. I have read them over and over again but still understand little of it (dumb me!) - Entries Entries are simple, you wait for a candle to close above 15...
  13. ambivns

    Fibotrader setting database

    Few days back I downloaded fibotrader. I download the data through bhavcopy and imported it through quoteman. Now the fact is that I am seeing the scrip list in only the first window Explorer and I when searching for the scrip it is giving error '"scrip name".csv not found '. As told by soumya...