help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. james bond007


    ALL MEMBER ANYONE HELPME I M NT NT ENABLE PVT MESSAGE ALL TIME SAME MESSAGE SHOW IN TRADERJI.COM---------- Traderji Message You have turned off private messages. You may not send private messages until you turn them on by editing your options. HELLO MODERATOR PLS ENABLE MY PVT...
  2. N

    A Man Who Don't Know Any Thing About Stock Exchange

    Hello friends, I am new to this site I am so interesting in trading but I don't have any experience in trading so teach me guys.:clap:
  3. B

    Futures and Options - Help required

    can anyone pls tell what is futures and it works to trade in that..I trade in only BSE Equity and nothing else..I am planning to start trading in commodity now... But I would like to know how to trade in futures and Options.I do not know anything about that nor I know anyone...
  4. N

    Beginner's TA Queries

    Dear Seniors and Fellow Members, I request you to kindly spare a few minutes on two of my basic queries in Entrey and Exit Startegies. I have read them over and over again but still understand little of it (dumb me!) - Entries Entries are simple, you wait for a candle to close above 15...
  5. oping

    Hey does anybody know if any broker gives candlesticks ?

    Hey i was looking for any broker who can give me charts in candlesticks form. and also anybody who doesnt misappropriate prices . Somebody who is aware of this, please help me out .
  6. A

    Help me ... i am new in options

    someone nifty option trader gave me the idea that i should trade in nifty (for options) only these time .... and trade in both calls and put at the same time .. to more minimization of the loss .... is it ok? help me please i am new in ur forum.