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  1. B

    I am busted in these charts!!

    Hi Guys I am not sure, if it's the right thread to ask such a noob question!. Coming to the issue : I have added a pic of my today's chart. I was having a steady and calm drop, then suddenly a bullish candle came with good volume. I panicked and thought.. this is going to reverse. I quickly...
  2. N

    Just saying hello

    Hello Everyone!:) I'm a begineer to stock markets with 1 month of trading experience. I trade only in Equities and would like to stick to the field. I have been learning a few basics from Zerodha Varsity and currently, most of my trades are based on market news. I have discovered Traderji...
  3. A

    Discount on book value

    Many shares show low book value and high market price for eg- Asian Hotels(North) market price - 117 book value - 412 so theoretically this company is sure profit making opportunity so why does this happen and should i buy this share
  4. A

    AFL - colored bars

    Hi Members, I am trying to code an AFL where the following conditions meet. 1. If close is Greater than previous bar's open - Green Bar 2. If close if Lower than previous bar's open - Red Bar (Attached image) I tried much but could not work it out. Please help with your inputs...
  5. thelifecoder

    What is your view on these stocks?

    I am holding 1550 shares of HEXAWARE @ 64 (Now 122) 350 shares of YES Bank @ 285 (Now 375) 1250 shares of HCL Infosystems @ 40 (Now 46) 700 shares of JP Associates @ 68 (Now 85) 270 shares of Pantaloon Retail @185 (Now 170) Shall i book profits(and loss) before their Q4 results? What is...
  6. T

    ULIP - Continue / Exit

    Hi, I have a ULIP from MAX NewYork Life named "Life Maker Gold". I started investing in Jan 2008. I invest 5000 every 6 months. Now I have invested 45000 since the past 4.5 years. My current fund value is Rs. 34000. Despite making an investment of Rs. 45000 since past 4.5 years, my fund value...
  7. U

    Gujarat Godrej Innovative Chemicals > GSL > Godrej Industries? Dad passed away, help?

    Hi all, My name is Umang, and I am live in San Jose, California. I am new to all this, specially Indian trading market. I hope you guys can help me out. My dad passed away about 15 years ago, but before that he had bought whole bunch of stocks of variety of different companies. My mom and...
  8. R

    new investor

    hi guys im new to stock mkt hope all u guys will help me. thanks
  9. M

    help me by explain the secret in future trading

    hello i watched a advisor (through web source) almost daily providing tips .only on future contracts. and his almost all tips are success full , he providing the all trades with big targets almost 15-25 points per trade (7-20 k daily), what is the technique behind his tips ...