help in amibroker

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    Need help with afl before buying amibroker

    I want to to know how to convert this strategy to afl before deciding to buy the full version. The strategy uses 3 ETF's: 1) NIFTYBEES 2) GOLDBEES 3) LIQUIDBEES Pseudo code for the strategy to be used on weekly data: if (niftybees ROC(30) > 3) and (niftybees ROC(30) > goldbees...
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    amibroker help

    Hello I have small doubt in amibroker. I have data which has data from 9:08 AM (which is pre market) and I have afl to explore shares crossing yesterday high. I am getting wrong result when exploring as it has consided 9:08 AM data also in day calculation because amibroker is considering data...
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    Amibroker problem: Scan/Exploration signals are inconsistent with Chart/Indicator

    There are times that the signals produced by Scan/Exploration are inconsistent with what is plotted in the Chart/Indicator. This does not happen on all dates, just occurring sometimes so it is not easy to spot. Anyone have experienced this on one of their AFLs?
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