1. V

    Hello Traders

    Hi I am new to this...but not new to forums.
  2. GrimReaper

    New Kid on the Block

    Hello everyone, As the title suggests I am brand new here as well as the market. How I found this site? Well ever tried googlin' anything about indian stocks, brokers and share market questions .... well traderji links are always on first page of google and no wonder, as it has got lots...
  3. A

    Hello Traderji and friends

    Hi, Have been an investor for a long time. Thought I would get into online and day trading in addition... Sure will mutually benefit from the interactions... Thanks Arun
  4. S

    Hello friends,

    Hello, I am quite new in the field of trading. From the literatures I have read so far, I feel I could make a beginning in day trading in Nifty, momentum scrips and also try my hand in day trading MCX gold. Experienced members are requested to please help me out with their valuable suggestions...
  5. A

    hello to everyone

    hello everybody! i m a trader in shares and commodities. i give three bullish targets and three bearish targets for mostly gold and silver. Most of the times it has proved very accurate... sometimes not. I am not boasting accuracy of 100% and stuff, but any patient trader wil definitely make...
  6. T


    hey guys. rahul from mumbai. 1) Your trading/investing experience.--10 years. 2) The number of years you have been investing or trading in the markets.-10 years 3) Your area of interest - IPO's/secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc.--- futures/options/commodities 4)...