hello everyone

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    Hello everyone!
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    I need some help, I am new here.

    Hello everyone, my name is Sumeet. I am a new member of Traderji.com and also a new member of the financial world. I have gathered as much knowledge as I could about the stock market and I am also good at technical analysis, but I am facing a little difficulty with choosing the right broker...
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    Hello...so here is one more fish in Traderji sea..:)

    Hi All, A very big helloooo to all ..and good wishes to friends and Charansprash to all elder Guru here. I am in NYC and Recently want to try Indian market ,Basically from India but trading from US so thats why I named my self EkKlavya ..:) Nice time to jump in the market Is it my...
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    Hello Everybody

    Hi members, How are you? I am new in this forum and this is my first post. wish i can learn so many things here. please keep suggesting me time to time. thanks to all and all the best.
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    buy :clap: nifty 4960-65 ,sl=4927, target 5260,5400:rofl:
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    Hi every one, greetings to one and all. I am new here and i am also a trader. Presently i am having 1000 shares of MIC any views on that
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    Hi Everyone, I am a IT professional . I have been investing in stock market since last couple of years in very small amounts . Of late, I have developed keen interest in trading . I searched the net for more knowledge about intra-day trading .. and thus I am here . I hope , I'll be able...
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    Guidence Required On foreigner Investing in India

    What are the best investments options apart from buying stocks or investing in property which can give some definite regular income. I invite suggestions.
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    Hello Everyone!!!

    Dear Members, I have been following this community since one month. I am amazed by the depth of knowledge present here as well as the extent of sharing amongst all the members. I have been an off and on fundamental investor over the years. I have decided to shift to daytrading, futures and...
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    hello every one
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    HELLO to all at traderji.com. My name is Ansari Arsalan and i am an active trader.I am very happy to join this community . I hope i will get to learn many valuable things from the senior members .