1. K

    Options spread with future hedge - a bit of newtons's strat :)

    hi all, I have been paper trading shorting options and the cover with the future as hedge on either side.. This will be diary for the same along with suggestions from all seniors and people. It is similar to what newton had done but instead of atm call and put this will be a bit far wide .. As...
  2. punam.fintrade

    Hedging Cash Segment Shares for Retail Investor !

    Read lots of time that you can buy share in Cash Segment and to protect your position you can hedge by buying a put option. Now, quantity of one lot of Put is very high. For example for Tata motors , 1 lot has 1500 quantity. So If I want to hedge Shares of Tata Motors , it can be done only if I...
  3. rebeck10

    Direction future trading , using option as stoploss

    This thread is to gain your views on a effective stop-loss strategy I am proposing I primarily trade in the banknifty , which has a average daily volatility of 100 points. (positional trader for 2-5 days max). I take a directional trade based on news and some technical analysis factors...