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    Health insurance for family

    I am 22 years old, can I buy a family health insurance for my parents?
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    Does any type of health insurance cover things like day care or something?

    My father is 78 years old and has severe diabetes. The doctors found that there are occasions when his electrolyte levels fluctuate and he might need to spend a few hours in hospital for treatment and observation. Does any type of health insurance cover things like day care or something?
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    Health Insurance for Whole Family

    A wise man once said, “Health is Wealth”. But now a days Health needs Wealth. We always insure things which are Uncertain. Health is Certainly Uncertain. One bad medical emergency can destroy our financial life. This is the very reason why Health Insurance has gained a lot of attention Of...
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    Health Insurance for whole Family

    Health insurance for whole family which cover Mom, Dad,Husband,Wife & Two Children With Minimum Premium. Without medical Check up for parents.
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    Health Insurance In India

    Is it really easy to buy health insurance in India?
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    About Health Insurance

    Health Insurance is an insurance which bear the medical expenses among individuals. It benefits individuals on having any kind of health related problem such as in accident or diseases and meet whole or partial expenses according to the policy agreement. The insurer can make a financial...
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    Buy insurance online

    Looking out for some good insurance plans online? Suggestions are welcome
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    buy health insurance plan online

    HI, I'm searching health insurance plan online which offers lowest premium rates. Can anybody tell me where can i apply online?
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    Buying Health Insurance

    I am planning to purchase health insurance for me and my family. However, I am not sure how should I go about. What is the ideal way to buy health insurance in India??
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    Health Insurance policy for me & my family

    I am planning to purchase health insurance policy for me & my family (Father 52 and Mother 48). Which health insurance policy should I opt for??
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    Health Insurance

    How to select health insurance?
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    Health Indurance by Apollo Munich

    Does anyone have any insight about the service from Apollo Munich Health Insurance. The Maxima plan looks very good on paper. Are these people really helpful and is the settlement of claims or the procedure customer friendly ?