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    Traderji Forum Moderators Guide 2017-07-04

    The detail moderator PDF guide for Traderji forum moderators. Click on the orange button on right to download it. Additional resources:
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    Mutul fund novice

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and also new to trading. I want to learn about MF from all you experts. I have purchased mutual funds and got the statement. What happens next? Do I just keep the statement? Will I get dividend? Will I get regular income?:clap:
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    Free Tax Planning Guide 2011

    Tax deduction has been started, and people who have not done Tax planning last year, are suffering. Its very necessary for all of us to plan for our finance, and Taxes. Many people earn a handsome amount of money but doesn't know, where to invest or how to save tax on your income, so it is very...