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    Google finance portfolio site says portfolio feature will not be available after 15th November. This is a very useful site and all users will miss it. Request all members to inform all and take up this matter.
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    Has google stopped realtime intraday data?

    Google was providing realtime intraday data for NSE cash segment. For Example: Following url used to give realtime price for SBI. But since 6th September, I am getting a "404: Not Found" error. Does anyone know about this? What are the...
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    Symbol prefix/suffix for NSE Futures data on Google

    Hi I need to know what prefix/suffix I need to add to a NSE Futures Symbol to be able to download its 1 min data from Google. Regular scrips work very nicely.
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    Metastock - Merge Intraday with EOD?

    I saw that DataDownloader software offers options to download EOD and Google intraday data. Has anyone successfully merged Google Intraday with EOD data in one Symbol so that viewing different times frames (1min, 5 min, Hourly, Daily) in chart becomes convenient?
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    Google trends

    Dear all, we are trying to develop an indicator for MT4 that uses Google trends data to measure if some argument can have impact on the market, based on the occurrence of the searches in Google. What do you think? If you are interested you can leave a comment here...
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    Google Finance - EOD downloader

    In my quest for a EOD data downloader I came across this application Name : Quote Downloader 3.0 You can download it from the below. Google Finance has very good data quality hence it would be better to download from GF as opposed to yahoo, which...