gold etf

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    ETF Gold MFs

    Hi All, I would like to invest lump-sum in gold ETF MF or any other MF, which I can invest in lump-sum. Following are my expectations: Duration: Short-term annual: around 12% The reason, I would like to invest in lumpsum, because I am already doing SIPs in various MFs. Any help is highly...
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    Gold etf

    There is a general tendency that whenever the share market is down the gold market is up and vice versa.Kindly clarify whether the value/price of GOLD ETF will depend upon the Sensex/Nifty or upon the gold market in India/world.
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    Want to invest in Mutual Fund & Gold ETF, which trading platform to go for?

    Hi, I am new investor planning to do investments online. Mainly i will be investing in Mutual Funds (regular way or SIP) and Gold ETF. Do I need to open Trading account as well, along with Demat account. Also which would be the optimal trading platform for me to go for, ICICIDirect or...