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    Dis charge !!

    hi everybody.. im new into share marketing just learing every terms related to tradings.. so, anyone here to help me to clear , that what does it mean DIS charge?? im charged with Rs 25.. broker : geojit
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    NSEL defaults again, to pay Rs 9 cr

    The troubled National Spot Exchange, promoted by Financial Technologies, defaulted in settling trade for the fifteenth time in a row. The exchange will now disburse Rs 9 crore as settlement against Rs 175 crore it promised to pay while it shut operations in August. Of the 24 companies with...
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    Recommend Best broker for long term investment

    Hi, I have been an investing since 2006 with geojit and have opened an account with mosl since 2013 due to service issues with geojit. I want to have a long term portfolio with combination of short term investing. My experience with geojit & mosl - If I buy the stocks recommended by...
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    Hi Friends...

    I m new to the field of stock market. I want to open a trading and demat a/c. which one is better? GeojitBNP or Angel broking.
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    SBICapsec - Very disappointing service.

    Hi, I have an savings account with SBI bank. And when i decided I wanted to invest in shares, I approached my SBI branch to open a demat + trading account. I was told by the bank personal that I will be able to open one in two weeks time. And I did all the paper work. However, It took...