1. pannet1

    If you are trading read this

    Quarterly settlement of funds & securities How do other brokers facilitate traders to abide by this.
  2. wabuf

    question on investment and price movement theory

    hello .. i have a question .. suppose if i buy 1 lakh shares of a stock @rs 10 ..then 1.> what will be the price of the stock next day ?? 2.> if it will rise then what makes it rise ?? i.e my purchasing of the stock or the next person's purchasing..?? 3.>suppose after 1 year price is...
  3. C

    Hello Friends and Thank You

    Hello Friends, Ive been investing in Mg from 2009 & Buying Scrips since 2010 using Value investing. Off late diversified further into first short term trading and then into currency and commodity trading since 2014. Hope I can contribute in terms of facts experiences and ideas to my...
  4. Sagarocks432

    What is mtf ptst

    For intraday trading when I click for buy window it shows MTF, PTST in product type. What is it and what will happen if I chose them for intraday trade.