gap up

  1. A

    Regarding Gap

    I have a question in my mind since long. Please help me for this. This is regarding the gap which occurs as soon as market opens in morning. Suppose today Nifty closed at 5970. I think tomorrow Nifty will open with a gap say 6000. I go to my trading site (sharekhan, icicidirect etc) after...
  2. mave_rick

    How to Trade Gap opening?

    Hi all, I have been trading for maybe around 3 years with somewhat success. But one concept which I am unable to grasps properly is how to trade gap opening. I have lost chunk of points while trading gaps. For last 6 six months, I have stopped trading when there is gap up/gap down. I just sit...
  3. U

    gap openings strategy

    Can someone help me by providing strategies for gap up and gap down?