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  1. madank

    The A to Z of trading career - musings of a professional trader !!

    Dear all, Thanks for letting me open a thread here in TJ. Hope we can learn and interact with each other positively. As noted elsewhere, i will be posting one post per week (or multiple posts sometimes) and we can discuss on that post in another thread. Am known among my family...
  2. D

    Should I sell BEML tomorrow.?

    I have bought 2 Lots of BEML on 29-12-2016 at price of 991. Luckily now BEML has jumped above 1150. Should I sell my position or should I wait for some more time ?? Please advice what should be my strategy for getting maximum gain ?? Thanks.
  3. P

    Learning to trade with order flow

    Hello everyone, Note to moderator: If you find this thread inappropriate for this topic then kindly move it to where it belongs or tell me and I'll repost it. Thanks for this wonderful forum - moderators and members _/\_ I am new to trading. Started last month and just recently came across...
  4. T


    In 2002 a film entered movie theatres across the country and quickly became successful for its comedic value and charm: My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Whats playing out on Fraud Street and in every political chamber of the world is not a comedy, but a tragedy. If this tragedy had a name it...
  5. T

    Data Before D-Day

    Wednesday is supposed to be D-Day for the banking mafia. Will the Europeans have it all worked out by then and by worked out I mean sufficiently screwing the taxpayers or will they continue bickering? Whatever the result is Wednesday, Ill bet they agreed on more meetings. In the mean...
  6. pitgurufk

    Metals Review for The Week of August 29, 2011

    The Metals Review for The Week of July 18, 2011 The Metals Review For the week of July 18, 2011 By Daniel Cronin Precious metals once again were higher last week and I feel like they have been higher for 10 straight weeks as Gold inched in on the $1,600 level. Silver also has been...
  7. M

    Nifty Futures Trend For Tomorrow

    Nifty Trend For Tomorrow (24th May '11)- Today Sensex closed at 17,993.33 with -332.76 points in negative or -1.82% down. And the Nifty closed at 5,386.55 with -99.80 negative points or -1.82% On the other side in the Derivatives Nifty Futures: it closed with 102.60 down points and settle at...