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    tax slab for nifty and stock future trading ?

    Hi friends, pls let me know iam trading in nifty & stock futures, and my annual turnover in this FY will be more than 40 lakhs , should i have to file Tax Audit or normal tax return wih profit/loss will be ok.
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    Best Brokers for Future&Option trading

    Hello Traders, Sorry for opening a new thread of old topic. I did my homework - I have read many threads (one which says xxVsxxVsxx) on brokers and saw many threads have useful information added but all are bit old threads - they started two years back and in last replies on thread has no...
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    Stock Picks for futures

    For this week following stocks are looking good. Trade after due research only. 1. VIDEOIND - Buy 225, Possible TGT: 242. SL: 223 2. SBIN - Buy @ 1988, TGT: 2128, SL: 1980 3. PETRONET - Buy @ 75, TGT: 80, SL: 74 4. INDIACEM - Buy @ 119, TGT: 126 SL: 117
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    Investing Rs. 5 lacs in futures trading

    hi, I am thinking of investing Rs. 5 lacs in futures trading Any advices? I am considering NIFTY, GOLD Futures at the moment. I would also like to invest Rs. 5 lacs in stocks which are less than rs. 50 at the moment but have the potential to rise high in 1 or 2 years. Any advices?