futures and option

  1. Kiranks

    NIFTY Weekly levels DEC 5-8 2022 DEC Future

    Buy Above 18864.07 Buy Targets 18944.83 19025.15 19090.07 19154.98 19247.40 19303.52 19494.96 19705.12 Sell Below 18765.93 Sell Targets 18685.17 18604.85 18539.93 18475.02 18382.60 18326.48 18135.04 17924.88 DEC 6 2022: Current Trend is down and BUY close above 18871.47...
  2. S

    NSE spread contract

    Traders, I have query regarding NSE predefined future spreads which we can find https://www.nseindia.com/market-data/equity-derivatives-watch select top 20 spread contracts in drop down menu. It looks like INSTRUMENT TYPE SYMBOL EXPIRY DATE BEST BID(Qty) BEST BID(Price) BEST ASK(Price) BEST...
  3. punam.fintrade

    How to ascertain Short Position and Short Covering in Option , Future and Cash Segment ?

    This question is being posted on 12-Dec-2019. Yesterday ( 11-dec-2019 ) , the market was down almost all day and after 2.30 PM, it turned around to gain points and close positively. I tried to look for reasons and read in one of the article of moneycontrol that there was 'short covering in...
  4. pannet1

    My Bank Nifty Options trading diary

    Hi, I started to trade Options this month with Kotak Securities. Capital: Rs 30,000 System: Vertical Spread based on Break out of underlying on Weekly Timeframe. Instrument: Bank Nifty and any other that fits within the Capital Previous experience: Currency and Commodity Note: Reason...
  5. V

    Margin Query

    How a margin is calculated in the following scenario- I bought 1 lot of NIFTY @ 7400 and sold a Call option of Strike Price 7600 at a premium of Rs. 23. I would be grateful for an answer to this.
  6. P

    Intraday PCR Tools

    Do you know any tool that provides the live information about intraday PCR? Does NestPlus provide the same?
  7. J

    VWAP trading

    I have seen very large moves during last half hour of contract expiry. I have heard people say that such moves are due to arbitrage unwinding. Can someone please explain it in detail? Why do these moves take place? Also in some stocks there is an upmove while in others there is a downmove...
  8. vishoo27

    Tax Calculation for Derivatives (FNO) 2010-2011

    Hi All, I'm new to trading. I did make some money trading NIFTY. (Options & Futures). I lost some as well. Net I'm in profit for this financial year. Can someone tell me how to calculate the Capital Gains from FNO. Can I rewite the losses against the gains? Which form should be filled...
  9. S


    Hi All, First post in Traderji. I am an intraday trader and started doing F&O a year before and planning to do that in full stretch. Hey, Where can I get the ChartsData software? Any help? Thanks, Regards, Sharmila
  10. T

    New Member query.

    I All, I am new member and joined just yesterday. I am impressed with the forum. Please throw some light on futures and options. I am a new short term trader (swing trader, not a day trader) and want to know if we should do delivery based trading or Future and Option. I looked at...