future trading

  1. R

    Future Contract trading settlement

    Future Contract trading settlement Hi Experts, I am a novice in stock market trying to understand the working and applications of futures contract. Difficult to understand how Contracts are bought and sold. This may sound silly question, but please help me to understand. Let’s suppose there are...
  2. tradefinder

    Intraday - Camarilla Levels - NSE Stock Futures

    Hi Friends, I would like to share today's results of Intraday based on Camarilla. Today, I took following Intraday NSE Futures trades purely based on camarilla and all successful. Please let me know if you have any queries on this. Past performance is also very good. Thanks.
  3. kingsmasher1

    What drives future price other than candlesticks and bid/ask ratio?

    Guys, So today i was short on Adaniports future 30th March and hit a loss of 5k. i am clueless where i went wrong. 1) The daily/monthly candlestick showed it should be on bearish side today as well. 2) The bid/ask ratio showed heavy seller side majority. Based on (1) and (2) i was...
  4. T

    Technical Analysis - Back to the Basics....

    Technical Analysis - a very basic study of the charts and few moving averages, including mainly supports and resistances, not novice but a person with good hands on to the charts and indicators, can make profitable trades in short term period. This thread is started with the aim to let the...
  5. M

    How profit and loss calculate in future trading

    I am doing paper trading in futures and i am doing it in two stock futures. Yesterday I gained a profit of about 2000 rupees (Total MTM) but that 2000 rupees doesn’t added to my Gain/Loss (Realized Profit/Loss) amount. Its not the first time I have seen this type of behaviour; some days i get a...
  6. M

    What happens in a future trading when losses are more than the margin

    I am curious what happens when the losses are more than the margin we invested. For example when we buy a future stock we have to pay a margin of 40000 rupees approx (according to stock), lets say after some time instead of gaining profit the above future stock is losing money and lost 60000...
  7. M

    How to Buy/Sell futures in NSE paathshaala

    I am using NSE paathshaala for paper trading in futures. I added some future stocks (expiry date =24-sep-2015) to my watchlist and in that stocks some are in loss. I assumed futures are similar to stocks and we can buy and sell futures stock contract anytime. But when i tried to sell my loosing...
  8. M

    What is future trading and how to do it

    I am trying to learn about future trading and I have some doubts regarding that. What i understand about future trading is; future and stock market trading are the same but instead of buying a share we buy shares in lots in futures example NSE stock |...
  9. M

    Selling signal for futures

    Can somebody tell me a good method which can generate accurate selling signals in futures market ?? thanks in advance!!!
  10. A

    Calculating Daily Returns for Futures Contract

    I am calculating daily returns for a position in a futures contract. I am a little stuck with margin and how to account for it. I specifically dont understand how return is calculated after Margin account falls below Maintenance Margin. I will ask my issue through an example , please help if...
  11. E

    Help required for backtesting of nifty future

    Dear sir I want to test nifty future in amibroker back-testing(back-tester setting). I want to know as what setting should be done for nifty future or any other future lots. EXAMPLE : share Rate Margin % total margin...
  12. Relish

    Future trading rule?

    Dear Members, I am new to trading. I tried to understand rules on F&O shares. My father had an account of trading and dmat account. It happens last month august series and continues in sept series due to roll over. I have question about future trading as: if i bought 500 shares of any...