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  1. A

    Set and Forget - Index Futures Break out

    Hello, I've worked hard towards setting up an index futures system that trades on Nifty and BankNifty Futures. It is a breakout system that I intend to document here everyday. It only takes 10 minutes of time in a day. 5 Minutes in morning to punch trades with SL and 5 minutes near EOD to close...
  2. timircha

    how call and put is exercised after expiry.

    If we have stock of reliance 500 shares and we sold call of reliance at strike price of 1500. and reliance closed at Rs. 1515 at end of expiry. so now my call is ITM, and If do not squared off reliance call of strike price 1500 till expiry. Now I wanted to know it is clearing house is settled...
  3. Hari Bhaskaran

    Futures - Buy at close & sell at open strategy

    Requesting feedback from Trader ji Members... But at close...Sell at open Here I have considered Nifty & Bank Nifty Futures. Buying a lot near day's close and selling it next day open. Repeating it on all trading days of the year. Back tested results are attached for 6 years till Jun '17...
  4. M

    best available OPTION STRATEGY simulator?

    Hi guys i have been in the market for over 10 years, and lost in stocks, i have lost in commodities, and currencies too. and i was very bad experience. now i am trying to understand Stock options better and really trying my best on this. and this time i don't want to fail. seeing a hope in...
  5. M

    Effect of equity derivative contract size increase on Sep/Oct 2015

    Recently sebi increased the equity derivatives contract from 2 lakhs to 5 lakhshttp://www.livemint.com/Money/Zz65020ix04GxGno5Fb3xI/Sebi-raises-equity-derivatives-contract-size-to-Rs5-lakh.html in order to "safeguard the interest of retail investors" and some fellow also started a petition...
  6. J

    Need help for a newbie!

    Hello, I am new to futures trading (though I have been investing in cash markets for few years now), I have been using heiken ashi charts with PSAR and MA, I have been successful in the beginning but i have been losing money lately, any advice or strategies that can help me make profit would...
  7. M

    Greek Option Trader

    i am starting this thread for discussion about the option greeks . like delta , gamma , theta , vega , rho and etc..
  8. M

    How to manage risk and money in highly leveraged instruments

    Trading derivatives like future have high risk and reward . Because futures are highly leveraged instruments we have to take extra precautionary measures comparing to an equity. In regarding this what kind of risk and money management we should follow when we are trading highly leveraged...
  9. R

    Future date wise open interest and price detail

    Hi, Where can we get date wise future open interest and price detail? I tried NSE website but no able to find it.
  10. M

    Protective Put Advanced Version 150% Profit

    As we all know Protective Put Strategy. I made Advanced version of it and it works. Strategy : 1st Day of every month contract that is Friday at Market close timing. Buy One Future Contract and Buy 2 ATM Puts. That’s all. So Simple Strategy. Nifty Lot Size: 25 Total Investment: For...
  11. A

    Best Advise Agency for Intraday Future

    Can someone tell me which advise agency is best for intraday trading???/
  12. devinchopra

    Need an example - Guide to Future & Options

    Hi, I am reading this book Guide to Future & Options by Ankit and Jitendra Gala. In this book, the authors have mentioned: - " When F < (S + CC - CR) Buy the (under priced) futures contract, short-sell the underlying asset in spot market and invest the proceeds of short sale until the...