future margin

  1. L

    Is there an upper limit on percentage of futures initial margin required by broker?

    For the past month or so, Interactive broker has arbitrarily raised initial margin requirements on most pharma stocks. Consider the following examples: Symbol----------------Initial margin Requirment AJANTPHARM-------------887684 KSCL----------------------869257.5...
  2. M

    What happens in a future trading when losses are more than the margin

    I am curious what happens when the losses are more than the margin we invested. For example when we buy a future stock we have to pay a margin of 40000 rupees approx (according to stock), lets say after some time instead of gaining profit the above future stock is losing money and lost 60000...
  3. K

    How to get Margin File for Derivatives?

    Hello, I am looking for the Margin file for the derivatives from NSE website. Is there anyway i can get the exact margin for all the script in NSE. MCX and NCDEX provides it on their website but i could not find it on NSE website. Please Help. Kanak Shah
  4. A

    Calculating Daily Returns for Futures Contract

    I am calculating daily returns for a position in a futures contract. I am a little stuck with margin and how to account for it. I specifically dont understand how return is calculated after Margin account falls below Maintenance Margin. I will ask my issue through an example , please help if...
  5. anbarasu

    NSE futures initial margins

    Dear Friends and Moderators I have found NSE futures initial margins! NSE futures initial margins - Jan 03, 2009 Please note - this page is updated every weekend and some brokers may charge a higher margin from clients to maintain cushions. Margins also increase with the change in open...