fundamental data

  1. A

    how to download Amiquote fundamental data in excel

    I have downloded fundamental stock data to amiquote from yahoo finance. I want to export this data to excel so that I can do analysis. Do anyone know who to export fundamental data from amiquote to excel in tabular format? Each row need to have one stock data.
  2. X

    Fundamental Analysis data

    I would like to buy fundamental analysis data of all the listed companies. This data should be in a sql database, what are my options. Ofcourse data should be in valid and correct.
  3. S

    Financial reports in excel for fundamental analysis

    Hi All, I managed to get P&L, Balance sheet, Cash flow statement into excel for more than 1000 nse listed stocks (using python script :thumb:) How useful are financial reports on moneycontrol for fundamental analysis Is it possible to automate fundamental analysis (at least for screening) Is...
  4. ritabrata.bhattacharyya

    Fundamental Stock Screener

    Can anybody help with a good fundamental stock screener ? Can you help me find a good Stock Screener for Indian Stock Markets ? I need a place where I could search the entire universe of NSE stocks with multiple search criteria like Market Cap, EBIT, ROCE, Net Capital Assets, Debt etc. ICICI...
  5. S

    Anyone using Tickerplant Price, Fundamentals & News Data?

    Hello Is anyone using Date from They claim realtime data, full historical prices, financials and news. Salesguy compared themselves with bloomberg for fundamental data & news at Indian prices... Hope someone knows them ;-) Sanjay.
  6. N

    fundamental data like balance sheet, p&l , yearly and qtr result

    dear all, I want to know the source from where one can buy the fundamental data like balance sheet, p&l , yearly and qtr result in excel or any other format. please share the links.
  7. N

    software for fundamental analysis

    I am under process to develop software, where one can do fundamental analysis. Basic concept is 1- To analyze all fundamentals of various companies. 2- Make comparative analysis within industry or within all companies. 3- One can get result of how much strong is the company fundamentally...