1. G

    The FTSE,DAX and the CAC rose for the fifth consecutive day

    The FTSE , DAX and the CAC rose for the fifth consecutive day, as Europe's buggest computer services company reported 7.6 percent jump in profits, followed by other Technology stocks. Lionel Huertin, a fund manager at Ofi Asset Management in Paris, said: Earnings have been improving, with better...
  2. G

    Gold prices saw a bright day

    Japanese Index Nikkei ended up on a higher note Encouraged by financial shares when a report said that most major Asian banks may be exempt from planned new global rules and this news took the Japanese Nikkei to end up on a higher note. The Japanese equities surprisingly outperformed other...
  3. sdalal

    FTSE: Slowly will kill Himself

    Below is the weekly chart of FTSE 100. AS seen in chart, I see the coming days we see it near 4500.