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  1. A

    Silver live call

    Currently, silver is trading in 62860 and made loss of 189 points and going down in the market with rate of 0.2%. SELL SIVER DEC @ 62850 TGT 62800, 62750, 62700 SL 62940 :)
  2. M

    MCX Commodity Tips For Today

    Again commodities are back on track today all commodities are looking good. Tracking a firming Asian trend, gold futures prices rose by Rs 267 to Rs 26617.00 per 10 grams in today, as speculators created fresh positions. Now the Gold is looking very good bet in commodities. It is looking bullish...
  3. M

    MCX Commodity Tips For Today:

    Today all the commodities are down and it may possible that it will suffer more bearish trend in next some trading session. Gold is down to 2.30% over the last closing, silver is down to 8.14% over the last trading session. And same thing happen with the other commodities. So Here are some...
  4. coolbrain

    Commodity Calls

    :thumb: :clap::clap: Commodity Calls for 29.07.2011 Every night i ll post Commodity calls for the next day trade,place your orders after 10.15 avoid rush trade crashes I ll provide both buy and sell calls for 2 scripts.Just place the both buy and sell orders at a time,Either...
  5. M

    Reasons for Silver's Down Trend-

    Silver vs Gold? What is better as an investment. Many people are obviously going to say gold. But, to tell you the truth silver prices are expected to sky-rocket three times more fast as compared to gold in this decade. The reason is simple! Silver has far more industrial uses as compared to...