1. N

    Motilal and no action by SEBI!!

    Just came across this article.. thought to post here for betterment of fellow members. We all (retail investors) think SEBI empowers us, but this article shows us how handicapped we all are...
  2. L

    Day trading fraud ?

    i read it somewhere that you can't make money trading intraday, and now I am beginning to believe that there is something/someone controlling the market so day trading can't be profitable. I am using zerodha Trader and two ISPs BSNL and IDEA and something very peculiar happens when market moves...
  3. S

    Bezel Stock Brokers issues

    Dear Sir, Bezel Stock Brokers is a fraud. They are luring the investors showing low brokerages then charge fictitious charges. In my account they had charge penalty of Rs.1130.13 for shortage of funds. I had purchased options for value of Rs.116000/- app. while at that time I had a balance of...
  4. M

    is stas [email protected] scammer or fraud? scam or not scam

    is stas [email protected] scammer or fraud? scam or not scam? found some interesting software here mail [email protected] i got scammed before for 90 USD by youtrader3000 scammer so now i am cautious is stas legit? anyone can confirm...
  5. Ganesh543

    Beware Angel Broking Will Cheat You If You Leave Open Short Position For Next Day ?

    I am using online trading services of Angel Broking . On 4th January I short sold 57 shares of tatamotors @820 rupeese On 4th January their application Angel diet stopped working at 3:27 pm and it did not allow me to squareoff 7 short position of Tatamotors @ 820.I was lucky to buy rest of...
  6. J

    After Satyam Who is next,guess and gain

    Hi, I welcome you all to a game of guessing, " THE GUESSING GAME" Which company or corporate would Be the " NEXT SATYAM"
  7. R

    Zylog Systems fraud beware

    Gentlemen, please beware of the stock Zylog Systems. It went public last year by fooling a lot of investors including some leading private equity houses by misleading statements about itself and a big propaganda. Now it stands quite exposed in a variety of scams. Poor management, lack of...