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    Franchiese enquiry

    Hi Members, I am planning to take a franchise from a broker. Please advise which shall I go with. I am looking for the one which is not asking for any deposit and has the best brokerage plan. Thanks all. Aman
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    Complain against Reliance Securities Ltd. (INB 231234833)

    Dear Sir, We have applied for franchise partner with Reliance Securities Ltd on 22nd Oct '10 and subsequently they have given us a partner code 134320001 to start business through them as a franchise partner on 9th Nov '10. and accordingly we started business based on it in capital market...
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    how to start subbrokership?plz give details?

    hello i am intrested to become a subbroker.already i contacted few broking houses.apart from sebi registration wat is required licences . plz provide it is necessary to pay service tax or any other taxex.or maintain any required.where can i get all these details.i am waiting for ur reply