forex trading in india

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    How to easily Trade Forex from India!?

    Dear Fellow Traders! As you all know FX trading is grey field area for trading from India. Thousands if not Lacs of traders however trade in Forex from India. This is because sending money outside India for FX trading is not allowed but no one can stop you if you are not sending money outside...
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    Non Resident Indian Forex Trading

    Guys, I've heard people say that Forex trading is illegal in India. Lets say, hypothetically, I make a lot of money online trading forex and that I need to get it back to India. What if I take up a job abroad and then trade forex from there and bring it back to India saying that was the money I...
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    Is forex trading allowed in India?

    Is forex trading allowed in India. I have seen many ads for forex trading in India and profits in INR. Any ideas ?:confused: