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    Trading in foreign stocks/ overseas stock trading

    Hi Friends... I would like to know the possibility & your experience in trading/ investing in foreign stocks. I believe overseas stocks are available for trading through some brokers in India, if not all. Thanks. G:)
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    Plotting foreign symbol

    Plotting foreign symbol - HELP NEEDED Hi seniors, I am able to plot 2 symbols in one chart using the formula: PlotForeign( "JUSTDIAL-I", "JUSTDIAL", colorRed, styleBar ); -------- Please help me plot the average of prices of both the symbols. 2 symbols ploted in my chart are...
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    Condition is active compared with MACD histogram

    Hello, I would use a chart in an asset that would be a condition: If certain condition of the MACD histogram SP500. I tried several ways but could not. Foreign ("SP500", "C"), etc ... Could someone help. Thank you,