foreign company shares

  1. Shivam DUbey

    Indian stocks & Indian ADR

    Guys which one does trade earlier- Indian stocks or Indian ADR. For eg: trade in ICICIbank tades first or ICICI bank ltd (ADR) ? Can someone please help with the same.
  2. G

    Trading in foreign stocks/ overseas stock trading

    Hi Friends... I would like to know the possibility & your experience in trading/ investing in foreign stocks. I believe overseas stocks are available for trading through some brokers in India, if not all. Thanks. G:)
  3. D

    Foreign Equities

    Hi, I'm trying to find a broker to buy stocks listed in US which are fundamentally good and they are going to invest in India because of FDI policay change. I checked with ICICI, looks like they have some issues in foreign trading on SOX compliance and hence they have stopped...
  4. M

    Can Indian accept Shares given as Gift by an Online Foreign Company?

    Hi, I want to know whether people from India can accept Shares gifted to him/her by an online foreign company? Are there any restrictions on this under FEMA? If we can accept, can we sell those Shares? Muralika