1. panjasandeep

    Algo Trading with Quantitative Forecast (Buy-Sell Signals)

    Lost everything in stock market with so called 'Sureshot' Market Tips providers? You are not alone. Almost every trader has undergone such painful experiences at some point of time. Think logically, if some advisory really knows how to make profit then they will not invest their valuable time...
  2. Srikanth.Haritsya

    Prediction of EUR Vs USD price level in next 8 hours!!!

    Prediction of Forex price level in next 8 hours!!! Hi Fellow Traders, Though of opening a thread in which we get to discuss and predict Forex moment :! Just to start with here's my prediction on EUR Vs USD at 2012-02-08 08:00Hrs. Note : this is not a assumption it's based on proper...
  3. B

    How are sales, profit and other financial parameters forecasted in equity reports?

    Hi everyone, Whenever I read equity research reports, I see that the analyst would forecast various financial parameters like sales, profit, expenses, etc. for next couple of years. I'd like to know how we can forecast such parameters. What would be the basis/logic and how it can be done...