1. N

    Algo trading made easy :Flash Trader

    Flash Trader has all the features that a retail Trader needs including real time data , backfill , Algo Trading , button trading .. Currently available for 6 brokers Zerodha, Alice blue, Upstox, Finvasia, Angel Broking and Fyers..more brokers to be added soon. Order execution time half than web...
  2. icytrader

    Required: Finvasia Nest setup version 3.14 upto only x86

    Could anyone please share any older version of finvasia Nest trader. I would like to test version 3.14 upto not the latest I am having too many issues with the latest version and want to see if the older ones were well behaved. Any help will be appreciated. X86 version only...
  3. R


    I USED SOME TRADING PLATFORMS OF FINVASIA A.FOX TRADER B.SCALPERT C.BEST 4.NEST REVIEWS OF PLATFORMS A . FOXTRADER PROS 1.Many scanners ,trading in charts ,super fast execution of trades 2.Chart opening from scanners is very fast ,with real time stock alerts CONS 1.It costly now they...