financial planning

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    Finvise - Looking for early users! (

    Hey everyone, We are building an app based platform (, where you can connect to a financial advisor and ask him any wealth related questions. The whole idea of the platform is to help you avail high quality financial advise without any hassle and affordable cost. We have just...
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    Financial planning help

    Hi, I am 40 and my current portfolio looks like this. ------------------------------------------------------ - Equity Stocks: 7 Lakhs - MF's: 2,51,000/- - FD: 6 Lakhs (contingency fund) - Gold: 10 Lakhs - Liquid Cash: 5 Lakhs - LIC-Jeevan Anand: Premium 82,000/- per annum (15 Lakhs...
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    Comparision between Cricket and Financial Planning

    Consider the similarity between a cricket match where if we win, the entire nation will be one step closer to achieving its ambition, and the situation of achieving your own lifes ambitions. Because the strategies that apply to winning at a sport, any sport, are the exact same ones that apply...