1. S

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, I have just joined this forum, looking forward to some useful tips for trading.
  2. A

    ROI / IRR / CAGR - Finance Industry ?

    Say I Finance 75 vehicles Initial Capital : = 75 vehicles * 180,000 Lac per vehicle = 13,500,000 Rate of Interest : 1.3% per month However Calculation practise in the Industry is such that for 36 months : Interest : 1.3% * 36 * 180,000 = 84,240 EMI Amount : (84,240 + 180,000) / 36 = 7340 So...
  3. L


    Google finance portfolio site says portfolio feature will not be available after 15th November. This is a very useful site and all users will miss it. Request all members to inform all and take up this matter.
  4. madank

    The A to Z of trading career - musings of a professional trader !!

    Dear all, Thanks for letting me open a thread here in TJ. Hope we can learn and interact with each other positively. As noted elsewhere, i will be posting one post per week (or multiple posts sometimes) and we can discuss on that post in another thread. Am known among my family...
  5. S

    Brokerage Calculator

    Is there any calculator to calculate brokerage ??
  6. G

    Planning Some Investments

    I am planning some investments for myself. I want to know if I can consult someone to help me with my wealth management.
  7. R

    Updated topics for mba project work in MBA finance

    Updated topics for mba project work in MBA finance A project report on stock market technical analysis on selected stock. A report on comparison on selected investment opportunities. A project report on working of Electronic stock exchanges in India. Equity analysis of selected...
  8. J

    Best sites for learning how to trade

    Any suggestions on the best websites where to learn how to trade?
  9. J

    Learning how to trade

    Hi All, If you want to practise your stock market/investing skills while competing against your friends, I suggest checking out this website: It's a brand-new stock market platform where you can trade in daily and weekly stock market tournaments while chatting real-time...
  10. M

    First Step To learn Finance

    hey freinds plz help me to know some good trick of finance here..:clap: and please help me to know more about insurance
  11. N

    Google Finance - EOD downloader

    In my quest for a EOD data downloader I came across this application Name : Quote Downloader 3.0 You can download it from the below. Google Finance has very good data quality hence it would be better to download from GF as opposed to yahoo, which...